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Relating to Earthen Mythology  Empty Relating to Earthen Mythology

Sun May 23, 2021 9:53 pm
•There are so many myths, legends, and epic stories upon this earth that you’ll probably need an entire scroll filled with a 1 and many 0’s. Some stories are meant to be admired, teach lessons, or be relatable to the reader. Humans can write some amazing stories.... I wish I could read them all, though dyslexia is a pain in the ass. That being said, do you relate to any myths and legends told by people at all? Do the stories resonate with your kintype or your home? Does a certain character in a story remind you of your personality or your life? Maybe a figure in a piece of mythology reminds you of someone you once knew/still know now.....
•I don’t relate too much with any earthen mythology, however I suppose I can sort of relate to the Greek goddess Nyx, who is the goddess of the night. I can also sort of relate to eastern dragons, since they are beings of wisdom who are connected with the world, not fire breathing sky terrors. The only other thing is probably the stories told of dragons who hoard treasures, even though I do not truly hoard. I collect a lot of things, though I also give gifts to others from my hoard.
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Relating to Earthen Mythology  Empty Re: Relating to Earthen Mythology

Sun May 30, 2021 5:37 am
Honestly, there are more than I can possibly recall in one sitting to list here. Most ancient earth mythology holds little to no interest for me, however I have long had a mild interest in eastern mythology, largely because of their depiction of dragons. There is one tale, I cannot recall at the moment if it originates in China or Japan (though I believe it is a Chinese tale, I just can't recall for sure) of a boy who becomes a dragon after he swallows a pearl to protect it from men who wanted to steal it from his mother. I loved the idea that because of his desire to protect his family, he was given the might of a dragon.
There are many more modern stories that call to me more strongly than older mythology has. The Dragonriders of Pern book series by Anne McCaffrey was one of the first. I loved her depictions of dragons being immense, mighty creatures who loved their human riders so dearly that they could not bear to live without them. They were intelligent, gentle creatures who would die to protect those whom they loved. I strongly identified with Ruth, the white dragon from the book The White Dragon. An oddity, a runt, and bonded to a man who was not supposed to bond with a dragon, yet their relationship is stronger and deeper than any other on Pern. He knows his rider better than his rider knows himself, and is wiser than anyone realizes until near the end of the story.
Then of course there is J. R. R. Tolkien's works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Though dragons are depicted as evil in his stories, I love the tales of bravery and comradery in the face of immense danger. I could go on at great length (and have, in other forum threads) about all the things I love about those stories. I think my most favorite parts, though, are those that focus on nature and peace, such as the descriptions of the Shire, the way Hobbits live seems good and happy. I also love the chapter in The Two Towers (second book in The Lord of the Rings) called "Treebeard". I love the character of Treebeard/Fangorn. He's ancient, wise, kind, gentle, thoughtful, immensely strong, but with an even greater love for life and living things. I also love the descriptions of Fangorn Forest. An ancient forest that no one but the Ents could fathom, yet here wander two young Hobbits who are appropriately awed.
I am also fond of The Age of Fire series by E. E. Knight. The books are written from the perspective of dragons, which of course I cannot help but love. The world is rich and full, and the lore of all the races is intriguing and draws you in.
To move away from books, I would also mention the Star Trek series. It's such a wonderful series filled with a message of hope, that people can grow beyond what they are today to become their best selves. The stories highlight the importance of duty, honor, courage, and integrity. The characters are relatable, the writing is excellent, and the acting is absolutely top-notch. One of the few shows where I can completely forget I'm watching fictional events portrayed by people pretending to be these characters, and just get totally immersed in the story and characters.
Another television show, and seemingly little known, is the show called Kung Fu. It's set in the post civil war United States and follows an exiled Shaolin priest named Caine as he travels through the Old West frontier country. It deals directly with many issues that were serious problems then and now, such as racism (Caine is half Chinese, and deals with racism almost every episode as a result), sexism, classism, and other injustices. It extols the same virtues that Star Trek does, the value of honor, duty, integrity, and courage, all through the lens of the Shaolin belief systems.
Now moving away from TV shows and on to movies, I absolutely love the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. Especially the flight mechanic animations. I could watch Toothless fly all day. They always bring out my inner dragon watching the brilliant animation of dragon movements. I also love how unconditionally Hiccup loves Toothless and all dragons. It's such a refreshing look at dragons and humans together.
And last but not least, possibly my most intensely loved fictional story of all time is Bionicle. Originally created by LEGO, it became something with it's own life by the end of it's run. The story was written to support the sets, which forced a different creative approach from the authors, and also caused a few weird plot-holes (but I love it anyway). The lore is so expansive and deep, yet the entire world is open to interpretation and fan-creation. A true tribute to LEGO's desire to make it possible for fans to make whatever they can imagine. I could literally talk for days about Bionicle, the official canon and characters as well as my own fan-theories, fanon, fan-characters, etc. It's what got me to start writing seriously, and gave me immense inspiration for several stories I'm still working on to this day.

The vast majority of the stories that I like and touch me in some way, do so because they either taught me something, or encouraged me to continue on my chosen path.
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