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Intriguing Dreams Empty Intriguing Dreams

Mon May 24, 2021 1:10 am
•Dreams are a mystery in of themselves, as they are places created by the deepest parts of our mind that allows us to live another life as we slumber. Have you ever had any interesting dreams? Do they relate to your kintype/true self at all? How did you feel when you woke up?....
•Because of my schizoaffective disorder, I never have any good dreams. The only ones I do have are fragmented and abstract in the strangest, most horrifying ways. There are some very few salvageable parts however, even if those parts are strange and fragmented. One part of a dream is where I flew to a strange forest in Southern Ohio where it was always autumn, the cliffs and the mountains were sculpted by wind and ice, and the early summer snows made a dreamy scene. My earth family and I were driving across America in that dream, and I stopped to see the snow. That dream is still referenced sometimes in other dreams.
•Sometimes I have dreams about massive storms happening at my old high school, my house, or while I’m flying above the sky. The lightning and the flooding was magnificent, even if it was violent. I had to hunker down in the dreams with the other horrible nightmares and fragmented figures, however the storm was all my perspective was focused on. Sometimes dragons appeared in these dreams.
•A recurring theme in my dreams is seeing snow in South Texas where I live. I absolutely love snow, and desert snow is something beautiful to my being. Sometimes the dreams that come with the snow are more nightmarish than others, however a lot of the times I tell myself in these dreams, “I’m so happy it snows here more now!”, whatever that means.
•Sometimes I journey to Antarctica to see an indigenous tribe of people who live on coastal ice shores. I show some of my draconic abilities in these dreams, and the people recognize my strange draconic abilities. Sometimes I meet the people and fly into the Antarctic mountains to help them catch fish beneath the ice, and whales and sharks as well weirdly.
•Sometimes I dream about beautiful Texas mountains covered in green, old patches of snow, flowers, and the smallest of glaciers. I’ve sadly only climbed these mountains once before my dreams became fragmented and nightmarish again.
•There’s a south Texas town in my dreams where it always snows. I’m only able to get there by car, which a fragmented entity will drive to. It’s part of a high mountain range where winter and summer are in harmony, in a way.
•In the very south of what I jokingly call “Astral Texas” in my dreams, these rugged brown mountains hold some snow caps at the lowest peaks, and holds one giant peak where the snow never stops. These strange cult members live on the top of the peak, and slowly over the course of my other dreams I’ve been trying to push them out of those mountains so I can build my own city in the Texas glaciers.
•I go to space a lot in these strange, futuristic machines with fragmented entities, and I’m eventually able to show my draconic powers and fly out of the machine so I can explore when I want. These lucid parts of my dreams are a lot of the times really strange, as one time I dreamt about a deadly mission to clean up trash on the moon, and preparing to turn myself to stone for 100 years so I could stop a futuristic drill from drilling into the moon for some cryptocurrency program.... The earth was also going to be beyond the point of no return, and eventually die if I didn’t tell people to start saving the environment now.... My dreams are super weird, I know.
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Intriguing Dreams Empty Re: Intriguing Dreams

Mon May 24, 2021 4:33 am
the only dreams i can remember aren't particularly nice either, but i guess thats just the nature of things

i do remember one time i had a dream that wasn't scary to me in the moment, just confusing after i woke up. it took place in my current house, i was home alone. i don't remember how or why, but only the inside of the house started to flood. i couldn't get out, all the doors and windows were locked. and it flooded a Lot, it filled the house with water to the ceilings. all i can remember much of the dream is my sheer panic and desperately banging on the windows, and i guess i eventually drowned and woke up. this was during a period where all my dreams were all black and white and silent, so it was extra creepy

many years ago, i had a dream where i was walking through my step-grandpa's house and turned into a very long dark hallway with a white light at the end where it should be a normal hallway. i remember stepping down onto a path of glass shards, walking to the light, until something like teeth or claws suddenly grabbed my ankle and dragged me down into my body right before i could step into the light, and i woke up. that dream was particularly jarring because i could still feel those teeth around my foot when i got up. it was pretty unsettling then, and still is a bit today lol

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