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Favorite materials to use? Empty Favorite materials to use?

Tue May 25, 2021 3:38 pm
•Do you have any materials that you like to use for rituals, or general things in your spiritual path?.... My favorite materials are quite generic honestly, sage, incense, crystals, and fire (for lighting incense). However, some other things I use are flowers and certain leaves that fall from the trees and plants around my neighborhood. Upon Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa different leaves and flowers could be used for many different things. The orchid flower for example, has many different uses upon home, and one of those rituals is picking a fresh orchid flower from the plant, make a nest of leaves to keep it in place, and allow it to stare upon the stars throughout the nights. The ritual is an offering to the stars, so that one may be healed from whatever ailments affect them. As the orchid withers its energy is gifted to the one who is suffering.
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