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What makes you feel connected to yourself? Empty What makes you feel connected to yourself?

Wed May 26, 2021 8:57 pm
•Is there anything specific that helps you feel more connected with your kintype/true self? Does going on nature walks help? Maybe you like looking at the sky? Do you have a special item? Maybe you watch a certain tv show or movie?....
•Gardening and going on nature walks most certainly helps my being be more in tune with my true draconic self. Upon home I always spent time around nature, flowers, and mountains. Even though I don’t live around mountains upon this earth, atleast I can enjoy the flowers and all the wildlife here. Looking at the sky and seeing all the different kinds of clouds during a storm also helps, since the sky is also my home upon Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa. I absolutely love all the beautiful life in this world, and life is something I protect upon home without fail. Fostering life is what I’ll always do.
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What makes you feel connected to yourself? Empty Re: What makes you feel connected to yourself?

Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:31 am
, There are quite a lot of different things that make me feel closer to my true self. The open skies, rocky mountains, great heights, and high speeds are several of the broader things that do. Alone these things spark the feeling of what I am and where I wish to be, reminding me of the things I enjoy most while in my truest form. They the things found most often as I dream while in deep thought during the day, or what manifests in my subconscious as I sleep. While most unobtainable otherwise, there are things this human body can find to compensate of course.

Taking long drives on country roads in a sports car is one of my favored things that can give me that same rush as flying at high speeds while in complete control. Its even better when having all the windows rolled down or with the top off in a convertible so that I can feel the winds rushing by. I like to do this with curvy roads that wind and twist through the forests, surrounding me with tall trees and foliage, maybe with sky barely peaking through even. Or where the roads go so high up you almost feel like you can touch the sky before dropping back down over the hills. It helps that I also feel a strong connection to vehicles, but feeling my phantom body envelope the car and feel like I am the sole being propelling myself across the lands is what brings me closer to my draconity.

Another thing which I've done since I was little, is collecting stones, rocks, and other curious things that I find and stash away. I am your typical dragon who hoards things. My collection, or rather hoard, has come a long way over the past 20 something odd years, and is still constantly growing. I've gone from rocks scavenged from my own surrounding area, or picked up other places along my travels, some even taken from hotel garden beds, to where I now attend large gem and mineral conventions. Still, going out and rockhounding myself is the most rewarding experience that makes me feel like a true dragon. Then at the end of the day, surrounding myself with my wonderous stones makes for a very relaxing space to call my home. It really makes it feel like a great dragon in a castle full of the items I have hoarded.

One of my favorite hobbies that also can make me feel more draconic, is caring for and breeding reptiles. I'm already a great gran-dragon at this point, as I do see my reptiles as my children, and having them around feels much more like my own kind then people. The entire basement of our home is filled with over 50 snakes and lizards, which is making it a real den of dragons to spend my free time with. Its more or less becoming my dragon cave as opposed to a human man cave! I have a large couch down here too that opens up to a great lounge to chill with my reptiles. Dragon paintings are slowly being put down here to that helps add extra touches and skulls from my hoard.

These are things that overall make me feel closer to my draconity and closer to being myself while living in this current vessel. its the best I can do and make life to the fullest with a claw in each world. One internally as a dragon, while the other in this human skin.


What makes you feel connected to yourself? Image07
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What makes you feel connected to yourself? Empty Re: What makes you feel connected to yourself?

Fri Nov 12, 2021 11:28 am
In October, I started collecting merchandise surrounding that of my factotype. This includes items like official limited-time mini releases to that of fanmade wall decor(s) I am currently waiting on for my room. I was hesitant and fought with the idea at first because I am not one to buy merch (or really decorate since I'm a strong minimalist) of any kind. I am happily excited, to say the least, since searching for merch specific to my factkin has become a new personal hobby of mine and gives me something to look forward to. It's been a great motivator!

Adding simple things like red lighting to my room and gaming setup has drastically changed my space!
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What makes you feel connected to yourself? Empty Re: What makes you feel connected to yourself?

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