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Visitors from another dimension Empty Visitors from another dimension

Wed May 26, 2021 9:46 pm
Hey there! We're the Xenodelic System. We're a multiflux Extranthaeic system. Collective pronouns are It / He and the body is 23.
mulitflux - a system that's fluid between median and multiple, headmates frequently blend and blur together, un-blur/blend, become more or less separated, etc
extranthaeic - a system made up of mostly or entirely nonhumans

We don't usually say whose fronting nor do we disclose our origins unless we feel it's relevant.

We are: an alien, a ghost, the entity that inhabit's Majora's Mask, a faceless demon, and a sentient, shape-shifting plushie. Quite the group, I know.
We are also mycohearted (this is a clado-type for any / all mushroom species) and possibly pigeonhearted (what can I say, they're like family).

I'm interested to see what this forum has to offer and hope to see it grow into a unique community space!

Visitors from another dimension System10

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Wed May 26, 2021 10:50 pm
•Hello there! Welcome to the obsidian spire! We’re happy to have you all here! Feel free to hang around and chat! ^.=.^
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