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What was your home like? Empty What was your home like?

Thu May 27, 2021 3:52 pm
•What was your home or world like?... Were the environments in any way extraordinary or unique? Did you live in a cold environment, hot, temperate, or maybe a humid environment? Maybe cities were built, or maybe there were floating islands?...
•Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa O’ Creaa’viirtaarkaal is a massive planet with four moons, one sun, and a farther star that still has a notable influence on the planet, and has some extraordinary environments. My territory and home lies in the continent of Luunaariis’aathviirrr, in a place called Th’aaneii Noiir’iithiinsvaakaan Veii’laaskiivaan Mouu’nttiivaaniivuulaak’s (the northern veiled mountains). The mountains reach higher than massive storm clouds, and their sharp, rugged peaks pierce through the atmosphere and cause gravitational anomalies. Only the strongest of storms can go over the mountains, and the swiftest of wind and mists. The mountains are crowned with permanent snows and glaciers, and is surrounded by a forest containing massive trees that grow long roots, ancient stones carved with runes lie in the forest covered in frost resistant moss, and flowers grow throughout all seasons. The trees, flowers, and runic stones glow a faint blue during the night, and pollen in the flowers glow faintly with many different colors. The broad leaves never shed during the winter, and fall only throughout the year when the leaves grow old. The bark on the trees have a very artistic pattern, and swirl in many different directions. It snows heavily on the lowlands during the winter, though all the flowers can still survive. My mother figure, Arunakaveiiteii’arok has a majestic frozen lake that she watches the world from on the highest peaks. The trees are glazed with frost and a mist constantly surrounds the icy lakes that has few cracks in them.
•My sister, Vaal’etherriiaa’s territory lies in the continent of Vuulkaaniisk’vaataviit, in a place called Th’aaneii Rouul’taavaa O’ Vuulkaaniiskaataak Fiir’vaaniitiir (the rings of volcanic fire). It is a land where the trunks of trees are black like the burned ash, and glow orange at night if if alit from the inside. The forest is also called Th’aaneii Vuu’laankiivtiirsaak O’ Eii’ntiibuur’liivaantiir (the forest of ember light). Fires always rage within the forest in small places, however most plants are resistant to the blazing flames. Another great mountain range surrounds the continent and some lands like a ring, and contain many massive and powerful volcanoes that erupt without warning with deadly, blazing force. The rocks are black and seem to contain an eternal ash on them, as when you feel them, warm black ash is on your fingers. The grass and flowers also bloom throughout the seasons, which are always warm, temperate, or extremely hot. It very rarely snows on the lowlands. Mist envelopes the lowlands and the volcanoes everyday since the surrounding oceans have high winds and a constant current.
•My mate, Infiiniiziirokk, has a brother named Kaii’veiil’khaan, who’s territory is in the continent of vouul’uunmuuskaar’aakiiraa in a territory called Th’aaneii Riivaarriis Auukaavuul Oceaa’niirvaal Vouul’uunmuus (the rivers of the ocean storm). Many pure water rivers come from the oceans in this eastern continent, and the storms are most powerful and constant in this continent. The surrounding mountains and rock formations are almost always covered by mist, and many flowers are replaced by many vines and lots of moss. The creatures that live Kaii’veiil’khaan’s territory have special adaptations that allow them to graze and hunt during the constant powerful storms. Predators have long extra claws that root them while stalking, and foot pads that grip tightly to wet rock and grass. Sunlight only reaches the forests on the coasts while the constant storms are raging throughout the land. Flowers grow in the farther lands on ridged rock formations surrounded by mist.
•There are many other things about Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa, however that’s for other threads. Those are just the places I visit the most and are most notable really. I would love to know what your world is like!

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What was your home like? Empty Re: What was your home like?

Sat May 29, 2021 11:57 pm
My native planet was called Huyeana. It was a dual society with two dominant species. One was my people, the dragons. The other was a humanoid race that called themselves Huyeans. I don't know which name came first, if they named the planet for themselves or themselves for the planet. Much of their history was destroyed on long-past ages of terrible wars during which we dragons separated ourselves from their societies.
Huyeana has three major continents. The western continent is the most developed, with grand cities covering much of the land. Through trial and error, their people learned to live in harmony with nature, and though the cities are filled with glittering sky scrapers and advanced technology, they are also beautiful and full of nature. They have been built to work with the land instead of shaping the land to suit them. Creeks, streams, springs, and rivers flow freely through the cities, ancient trees stand side-by-side with modern habitation, and small stretches of farmland fill every available space. The eastern continent is almost the opposite of the western one. Here the people choose to live simple lives aided by some modern tools. There are agricultural communities dotting the land, and nomadic hunter-gatherer groups who occasionally stop to trade with the settled communities. The southern continent is largely uninhabited. Some terrible disaster shook the land long ago, and few have ventured back except to examine the ruins of what civilization was once there.
We dragons live primarily on the eastern continent, in the southern mountains. There is an immense network of caves that we call home. Over thousands of years we have shaped and expanded them until most of our race can live within them. We venture far and wide to explore, to hunt, and to seek friendship with the Huyean people, but always we return home to the cave where we were born. It houses all of our history, written down in a format that dragons and Huyeans both could read and understand. A mixed community of archivists and chroniclers, made up of both dragons and Huyeans, maintain it.
Dragons also live on the western continent, but the population is much smaller. The home cave is quite large, but there are not enough dragons to fill it. It is believed that at some point in our distant past, whatever destruction was visited upon the Huyean people affected us as well, destroying the original bloodline of that continent. Those dragons who lived there in my time had migrated to repopulate in their lost brethren's place. If there were dragons on the southern continent, no trace has ever been found.
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What was your home like? Empty Re: What was your home like?

Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:48 am
I don't know what the planet was called, it may have been an alternate Earth for all I know, or a very similar world.

My home country/nation/territory, or whatever it was, was called Vilaxia. It came from "Vila" meaning snow and "Kzya" meaning lands. From what I know, it was almost like human society with architecture and a humanlike civilisation. Buildings were made with a gothic architecture, and built up high to accommodate the wings. I seem to remember a city with tall spires, and a massive tall spire standing on its own, kind of like Cloud City from Star Wars. There were mountain ranges and forests, everything was lush and hardly anywhere was on flat ground.

Despite being called the Snow Lands, it didn't always snow. But when it did, in winter, it must have looked magical.

We celebrated the winter solstice, with a festival of some sort. Sort of like Christmas, but I think it may have put Christmas to shame.
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What was your home like? Empty Re: What was your home like?

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