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A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!! Empty A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!!

Sun May 23, 2021 5:38 pm
•Greetings and hello! My name is Lady Luuna’strreii and I am the celestial draconian queen of the many universes within my reach. I am a Valaan’saakaii Drakk’aaniiuun, and obviously I am far different than any other draconic being you may know. I am humanoid looking in nature, my draconian features including shades of dark and light blue unlike any color seen through the mortal eye, long dark blue shimmering “hair” made from a powerful and flexible elemental substance, massive teeth and fangs that are tucked in within my gums, gigantic and intimidating horns, piercing white and blue eyes, a long tail with arcane crystals floating around them, what I like to call eternal black eyeliner, and massive wings that contain the energy of the stars long past in time. I’m also not a being made of flesh and blood, rather enigmatic spatial energy. Despite all of those things that I have upon my home world of Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa O’ Creaa’viirtaarkaal, I am a very simple human being here upon this earth. I have no special abilities or any special knowledge that sets my being apart from anyone else. I slumber upon home so I can live a human life here to see all of the beauty that earth has to offer! I love all the things that I love upon home, wildflowers, nature, drawing, writing, playing in the snow, tending to plants, precious little beans, and chatting constantly about whatever comes to mind. The language I speak is Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa Drakk’aaniiuun, and I like to take a different approach to speaking English, as some words in English don’t translate well in Drakk’aaniiuun. I only have visions of my true self pictured in drawings, though I like it that way! I like to see how artists depict my being in unique ways! Also, as a heads up, I have schizoaffective disorder and I am dyslexic, so I have difficulty understanding and perceiving certain things, so the only thing I ask is for your understanding and patience! ^.=.^
•The first drawing is by Ninterbit on Twitter, and the second one is drawn by Ictus Serpentis, who is also on Twitter! A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!! Img_e711 A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!! Img_e712

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A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!! Empty Re: A”ttaa Drakk’aaniiuun Hallveii’rrsha!!!

Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:20 am
Hi there! It's nice to be back on a forum. You've probably seen me putting around the Discord. Pleasure to meetcha again.
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