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What (if any) Religious Beliefs do You/Did You Hold? Empty What (if any) Religious Beliefs do You/Did You Hold?

Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:43 am
In your true life, did you hold any specific religious beliefs, unique to your race or self? Do you hold to them now, and if so, in what ways? Do you hold new beliefs in this life?

In my life as a dragon, I was taught to view all life as being created by a higher being. However I was never taught to worship this being. We believed that if such a being wished to be worshiped, they had every means to ask us to do so. As there was no evidence this was so, we believed that our creator did not desire us to worship them. Instead, we sought to honor what had been made, by striving for balance in nature. We thanked all animals we hunted for food for their lives, and worked hard to ensure nothing was wasted of their bodies. If one of us were slain by our prey in a struggle, we simply accepted it and celebrated the life the dragon had lived, as well as the strength of the animal who had slain them. There was never "justice" killings performed to avenge a dragon's life, as this would upset the balance of life.
We also believed that upon death, a dragon's spirit was released from its body and became one with all around us.

In my human life, I was raised by a Christian and I have taken to heart many Christian teachings. I believe Jesus Christ was a great role model worthy of emulating. I don't follow a specific standard Christian religion, but instead I look at how Christ treated others and try to be as much like him as I can. I also am attracted to many Buddhist beliefs, though again I could not call myself specifically a Buddhist. My spirituality in this life is a complex amalgamation of various beliefs, including many of those I still find to be true from my dragon life.
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What (if any) Religious Beliefs do You/Did You Hold? Empty Re: What (if any) Religious Beliefs do You/Did You Hold?

Fri Jun 04, 2021 5:21 pm
•I never held any religious beliefs, even the creators of our existence (the celestial draconian aspectual creators) don’t want to be worshipped, they only want to be respected. They want to live in this world, not entirely reign over it. The ability to make choices is what makes this world beautiful. I don’t believe in any religious teachings or morals upon this earth either, because they simply don’t have an effect on my being.
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