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Do you have any kind of special relationship with divinity? Empty Do you have any kind of special relationship with divinity?

Fri Jun 11, 2021 10:47 pm
•Do any of you have any kind of unique relationships to divinity, gods, or any kind of spiritual entities?... How exactly is your relationship with them? Are the relationship positive, negative, or neutral?
•Most who know my being know that my father upon Aiiishaa’piivaanaakkshaa O’ Creaaa’viirtaarrkkaal is the almighty Infiiziikkuurr’vouurrltaalkk Louur’dvaas Gaalaa’xaiishoriiaa, the creator of our existence. He is a wonderful father, the best I could ever ask for. However, he does demand a lot of respect. He was the one who was somehow able to take away the most severe aspects of my schizoaffective induced depression, which I am eternally grateful for.... He took it away when I asked him kindly to do so in a specific draconian ritual. He does remind my being every chance he gets that he is the one who took it away, by his own almighty grace and kindness, and I was not the one who was able to heal such a mental curse. I absolutely have to give devotionals to him every single night and remember that he was the one who healed my being from the severity of that traumatic depression. Otherwise, the depression will return, so I must always be mindful and respectful. I don’t mind giving devotionals every night however, and I actually enjoy it, since I love him very much. However I am reminded that such a serious depression could cone back if I’m ever disrespectful to him or forget my place in his shadow.
•I am also a divine being upon Aiiishaa’piivaanaakkshaa, and I demand respect (only upon home however), though I’m not usually as strict about respect as my father is. All of the Vaalaan’saakaaii are divine beings, though we each have different standards
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Do you have any kind of special relationship with divinity? Empty Re: Do you have any kind of special relationship with divinity?

Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:21 am
In my dragon life, it was our belief that there was an almighty creator being whom we credited with our existences and the shape of the world we lived in. However, we also felt that since this being had the power to make literally everything we knew, that being also was perfectly capable of communicating with us and telling us if they wanted us to give them worship, praise, devotionals, or just to talk to them in general. Since they had given no such obvious signs, we concluded it would be improper to invent religious ceremonies for this being. What we did do, however, was to work to preserve the world and maintain a balance. Since we shared our world with another sentient race, the Huyeans, this meant reaching compromises often. The Huyeans were much like humans, driven to change and shape the world around them, to create tools and civilizations. However, because of the friendship our two races enjoyed, they respected our input. As a result, even cities and heavily civilized areas of the world worked in harmony with the world around them as much as possible. The air remained clean, the waters ran clear, and the oceans were free of pollutants. Every living thing benefitted from this arrangement, and while I certainly would not give all the credit to dragons, it likely wouldn't have happened quite that way if the Huyeans hadn't chosen to listen to us.

So long as I'm talking about the Huyeans, I think I'll throw in some of their belief systems. They worshiped their ancestors as gods, praying to them for aid and guidance. We never knew quite what to make of their religion, as in some respects it seemed ridiculous to us, yet in others... well, let's just say that sometimes it seemed like someone was answering their prayers. We have no idea if the Huyeans have an afterlife they go to or not, we only know that our own race does not (exactly) have one.
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