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The Pet/Companion Thread  Empty The Pet/Companion Thread

Sat Jun 19, 2021 1:38 am
•Upon Aiiishaa’piivaanaakkshaa, we do not call animal friends “pets”, we call them companions since they are more than just a simple animal to own, and the bonds that one has with an animal is very deep. I would love to see everyone’s pets and animals! My last companion was a cat named blueberry, who was deaf and was sweet as pie. How I miss her…. I lost her to ear cancer a few years ago, however I can still sense her spirit in my dreams and around my being. Her spirit slowly healed over time, recovering from looking sickly, to being a normal and happy kitty again. So, she’s not truly gone, per say.The Pet/Companion Thread  5189bc10The Pet/Companion Thread  Eaaca310
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The Pet/Companion Thread  Empty Re: The Pet/Companion Thread

Sun Jun 20, 2021 7:19 am
I have loved many animals over my life so far. Many of them, I don't have any photographs to keep their appearances fresh in my mind. Others, I have literally thousands of photographs. I'll share a few here.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Chang_10
This is Chang. He was my first ever rat. He was super chill and relaxed, loved sitting on my lap and eating treats. Tragically, his life was cut short when he got something stuck in his throat and choked. I found him in distress and rushed him to the vet, but it was too late. He died in my arms.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Jessic10
This is Sammy. I got him the same day Chang passed. He was the opposite of Chang in almost every way. He was wild, rambunctious, and impetuous. He chose me, honestly. The day I got him, I wasn't expecting to find another rat, but then he ran up my arm and put himself on my shoulder like he belonged there. He lived a normal life span and was very close to me.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Img_0110
This is Roodaka (yes, named after the Bionicle character. Don't @ me). I got her and her sister, Samus (pictured below) after Sammy passed away. She was my little princess. So delicate and dainty, prim and proper.

The Pet/Companion Thread  01141210
This is Samus (yes, named after the bounty hunter in Nintendo games). She was one of my heart-rats. I saw her in the pet store and felt an instant connection with her. When I got her, she was absolutely terrified of everything, would scream when picked up, hid constantly, and was always nervously pacing when she couldn't hide. She came to trust me implicitly and became the most daring rat I've ever had. She even climbed trees! She went blind at around a year of age (not uncommon in albino rats) but it never slowed her down. She was always exploring and fearlessly riding on my shoulder anywhere.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Nom10
This is Airini. Of all my rats I have ever had, she was the most special. I found her in a feeder bin at a small pet store and we clicked instantly. She wanted to steal herself from them and tried to hide in my sleeve. It took me quite a while to coax her out. I brought her home the next day after preparing the cage following the death of Roodaka (who survived Samus by about two months). I brought home her brother (pictured below) the same day, at the time mistaking her for a boy (long story). I had to get a second cage so they wouldn't breed once I realized I had a male and female. Airini was impossible to properly describe. She was my rat, and she made sure the world knew it. She actively hated my mom and would bite her if she sat on my bed while Airini was loose. She was a terribly smart imp. She would sneak off into places she wasn't supposed to go, and when I found her missing all I had to do was rebuke the room, and she would quietly try to sneak back into the allowed zones without me noticing. She stole paper towels from anyone who made the mistake of bringing them into her reach, to build nests out of. She would steal food right out of your mouth, too. She once tried to take off with an entire ham sandwich my friend was eating. When that failed, she stole her napkin! She lived three years and was vibrant and healthy until her last week of life, when she suddenly went downhill. The vet found a malignant tumor in her abdomen that was sapping her strength and causing her pain. Her only comfort was to be in my arms. Of all the people she knew, I was the only one she respected, and we had a very special relationship. She could tell time, and would get mad at me if I was late coming home from work, or got up too late in the morning. She expected our routines, and if I didn't let her complete them, she would get angry with me and sulk. Her favorite thing was her nests. All those stolen napkins and paper towels were used to craft elaborate paper mache nests. There is so much I could talk about her, but this entry is getting immensely long already so I will stop here. She was my precious little girl and I will love her forever. My deepest heart-rat.

The Pet/Companion Thread  14189610
This is Greyth (or Greythie, as he was affectionately known). I got him at the same time I got Airini. I called him her brother, but I'm pretty sure they were not actually related. Where Airini was a firebrand and an imp, Greyth was chill, relaxed, and content with anything. Where Airini was frighteningly intelligent, Greyth was, to be blunt, dumb as a post. What he lacked in brains, however, he made up for in heart. He was the sweetest, most gentle rat I've ever had. He often would snuggle up to me for naps, and loved nothing more than to sit on my lap and be happy.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Img_2010
This is Silvua. I got him and his brother (pictured below) following the passing of Airini and Greyth. Silvua was my little prince and wild-child. He loved to run around and play. In his old age, he became a gentleman rat and loved to sit on my lap while I read.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Img_2011
This is Corvo. I'm reasonably certain he and Silvua were full-blooded siblings. However, Corvo was quite different from Silvua. He loved to laze around and nap, and preferred eating to all other past-times. As a result, he was always a little pudgy. I suspect he had a bad heart, which would explain why he was so languid. He died suddenly at about two years of age after acting sick the day before (of course on a Saturday!). I found him stretched out and at peace in his cage. He was a chill, gentle rat, who loved the life he had and was content even upon leaving it.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Img_0010
This is Atieno. He is the rat who forced his way into my heart when I thought I wasn't ready to accept new rats. About a month after Silvua passed away at 3 and a half years of age (he was the oldest rat I've ever had to date) I was just not ready (I thought) for more rats. But I had to go by the local pet store to pick up some cat supplies for my kitty (who will be pictured shortly) and saw they had some rats. Decided to take a look. In waltzed Atieno. He climbed out of that cage and refused to go back in. He was intent on being on my shoulder. He told me, in as much as rats can communicate with people, that I belonged to him now and he belonged to me. So, since my heart had been forcibly occupied by this little champagne prince charming, I took him and his brother (pictured below) home. Atieno was one of my heart-rats. He was easily as intelligent as Airini, perhaps more so. A true genius rat. I have an entire journal written about the things he learned to do. There is not enough room here to sing his praises. He was a wonderful rat, whose time here was tragically cut short by a lung infection that weakened his lungs and dramatically damaged his ability to take in oxygen. He made it to two years of age, and a bit beyond, but he had so much more in him that his disability simply refused to let him give. I found him one morning in his cage, curled up and peacefully asleep forever.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Img_0011
This is Terus, brother of Atieno. He was a wonderful rat. He was sweet and cuddly, and somewhat dopey. He was intelligent, too intelligent for his own good really. He was always scheming up ways to get ahold of snacks. He loved food, and it was only his playfulness that kept him from getting pudgy. He was, in a word, darling. Oh, and adorable. Of all my rats, he was surely the most adorable looks-wise.

The Pet/Companion Thread  20180410
This is Layden. She was my first cat. I've had her for almost 9 years now, and she has been the light of my life. I spent so much of my life (since I was 4 years old!) wanting a cat and fawning over any cat that would let me. Yet Layden taught me how much more there is to cats than you can ever know by just snuggling someone else's. Layden chose me. She is mine, and I belong to her just as much. She is a smart kitty, and can do many tricks such as "come", "sit", "shake", and many others that we have invented together. Her favorite is one she invented entirely by herself. She has a special meow she uses to inform me she's started the trick. She will meow and meow this special meow, all the while searching for the perfect item. Once she has selected it, she will pick it up and meticulously carry it to me. I will examine it and wonder where the heck she found it (sometimes she hauls things out of the trash can, or out from under the fridge, but usually she brings one of her toys or a receipt that fell on the floor), and then praise her and give her a treat. Frankly, I think her favorite part is bringing it to me though. She is my precious baby kitty, and always will be.

There are literally dozens of other animals (most of them fish) that I could share about, but I think I've posted enough images now. I've had dozens of betta fish, all of whom were special to me and friends far more than pets. I've known horses, dogs, and cats, all of whom were special in their own right but I don't have any pictures of. Animals, and their ability to become close to us, are very important and very special to me.
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The Pet/Companion Thread  Empty Re: The Pet/Companion Thread

Sun Jun 27, 2021 4:24 pm
My albino snakes, a few of my favoured companions and children. The snakes are truly one of my favourite animals, and the ones I relate to the most out of my scale babies. We have over 50 of them, but these 3 are my trio of albinos that are closest to me.

The Pet/Companion Thread  Blizza10
Opal, a blizzard corn snake

The Pet/Companion Thread  Lucina10
Lucina, albino boa I produced from my big girl, Zaria

The Pet/Companion Thread  194993081_10223321272237865_3302389613640638070_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=19026a&_nc_ohc=qhbFP2YaTo0AX-7etZi&_nc_ht=scontent.fymy1-1
Zaria, my first snake and big mamma to Lucina

I've added some more albinos to our snake den so far, and plan on more as reptile shows start happening again. I'll probably share more of my pets here, but for now I don't want to overload this place!


The Pet/Companion Thread  Image07
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The Pet/Companion Thread  Empty Re: The Pet/Companion Thread

Thu Oct 21, 2021 1:20 pm
My animal companion is a cat named Khoshekh. We spend a lot of time together. He's very sweet and fluffy!

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The Pet/Companion Thread  Empty Re: The Pet/Companion Thread

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