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Therian Dragons Empty Therian Dragons

Wed Jun 23, 2021 3:53 pm
•I’ve always been curious about the experiences of those who say they are dragons that actually existed upon this earth. I think those identities are valid really, and I think it’s super cool when I hear that others have memories of dragons existing in either the ancient days of earth, or even more recent days. So, I would like to ask, what kind of memories do you have as a dragon upon this earth? What period of earthen time do you believe you lived in? How do you think you existed upon this earth? Was your existence spiritual or physical? What do you think happened to your species as dragons began to fade from the world?….
•I cannot answer this question, though I am interested to hear the experiences of others ^.=.^
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Therian Dragons Empty Re: Therian Dragons

Wed Jun 23, 2021 5:56 pm
Oof, here we go. This is honestly the most confusing part of the memories I hold.
I know I am from the planet Huyeana. But I also have memories that were definitely on Earth. I have a vague impression that I travelled here using a rare Huyean power, but I don't recall much at all about it, despite trying to. Maybe there's a reason? I don't know.
I recall living, and dying, on Earth. I lived on what is now called the British Isles. When I look at images of the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland, I get very strong kinfeels. Same with the highlands of Scotland. I remember living in a small cave that was lit by sunlight most of the day, and got a lot of moonlight at night. I suspect I may have been partially responsible for the celtic legends of dragons and ley lines, as myself and other dragons who lived in the area were there to act as guardians. I can easily see people viewing us as "lucky" to have around.
I don't have a solid date period that I lived there, but I believe I arrived sometime during the stone age. I died some time before the Roman conquest of modern-day England. The people I saw and knew would have been what are now called the Picts. I didn't have a whole lot of direct dealings with them, unless I was helping them in some way.
This comes to how I died. Myself and two other dragons went to help a trio of fishing ships that were caught in a storm one night. The plan had been to use our strength to keep the ships from capsizing, and help steer them to the safety of their home port. I was doing this when I saw a young fisherwoman get thrown overboard by the tossing of the ship in the storm. When she didn't surface, I dove in after her. As I was focused on helping her, I didn't detect the presence of a very large, hungry shark in the area. I believe it was probably a Great White, and a big one. For whatever reasons it may have had, it attacked me while I was trying to rescue this woman. I was able to bat it away with my tail, but it had already done me a fatal injury, it's bite severing the arteries in my back legs. I didn't realize I was dying immediately, and kept trying to push the woman to the surface as the storm shoved us back under with every wave. Finally, I realized I was losing strength and then noticed all the blood in the water, and that I couldn't feel my hind feet.
My memories grow hazy after that, probably from blood loss. I died from a combination of blood loss and drowning when I lost the strength to get to the surface.

I believe I existed as a spirit for some time after this, in the vicinity of the Earth. I watched major events happen. I only have vague impressions of this, though, and mostly believe it to be true because when I was in school and studying world history, there were things talked about, photographs and films taken of events, that felt weirdly familiar like I had been there.
At some point, being fascinated with Human society, I decided I wanted to live as one of them. I don't understand how I came to be in this body, but here I am now, fused with it. I have a private theory, with zero evidence to back it up, it's basically just a romantic thought, that this body is a descendant of the woman whom I saved that night, thousands of years ago. There is a teeny bit of evidence that says it's hypothetically possible, as I had a DNA test done that showed I have 36% "Celtic" DNA. I don't claim anything, though. Just a thought I like to think.

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