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Connection to the earth/universe Empty Connection to the earth/universe

Sun May 23, 2021 6:37 pm
•I am certain that being a therian means that you have some connection to the earth/universe that you live in now. Even though you’re living a new life in a human body, you still have connection with your home that draws you to something more primal inside. However, if you don’t feel any connection, that is alright as well! Everyone experiences feelings differently. The question is however, do you feel any significant connection to any place on this earth/in this universe? Is the connection to your home/environment strong or not so noticeable? How do you feel when you visit your home, or you’re in a place like your home? Do you what to move where the birthplace of your soul is?....
•I’m not therian, I don’t even directly identify as otherkin, so I can’t really answer this question, though I do have some connections to places of the earth that look like my territory upon home,
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