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Where were you before here? Empty Where were you before here?

Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:13 pm
•I know that there are many in the otherkin community who have been in different nonhuman spaces over the years. Connecting with the community alongside good friends and people you trust is always a nice thing. So I do want to ask, what otherkin spaces were you in before you came to the obsidian spire? How were your experiences in those places? Do you have fond memories of those places, or did things happen there that you would rather not remember?….
•I’ve been in the otherkin community for over eight years now, and I have memories of quiet a few otherkin spaces, though due to the nature of my awakening, the earlier experiences in those places were not really my own, and I do not wish to talk about experiences that are not mine. I hate being associated with those kind of memories. I really just stay in otherkin spaces that are run by friends or others that I know well. I have my own draconic server, the celestial spire, I’m in Azaphaer’s server, the ivory tower, and obviously I’m in the obsidian spire. I’m definitely someone who is more reserved in that regard.
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Where were you before here? Empty Re: Where were you before here?

Sun Jul 04, 2021 3:46 pm
I've been all over the community space online in my time, still frequent some of these while others have gone quiet or dissatisfied me.

2007 -

This is my first forum, though it is pretty quiet. It hosts a lot of great draconic resources to look through.
Wouldn't recommend the place nowadays given its become a ghost town.

2009 - IRL Group
Just a group of Otherkin in highschool.

2012 - Tumblr
A conglomerate of misinformation/trolls.

2014 - The Ivory Castle

A short lived forum for dragonkin.
Inspired me to make the Ivory Tower.

2015 - Kinmunity
It used to be decent.. but declined very quickly.
I left in 2017 for Therian Wilderness

2015 - MechHaven
Decent community for Machinekin, forum/discord
I'm still active here.

2016 - The Ivory Tower
A discord server I started for dragonkin/draconics
I am its founder and admin.

2016 - Draconity
This forum didn't hold my interest for long.
Felt more akin to furries than otherkin.

2016 -
Was never a very active place.

2017 - Therian Wilderness
Decent forum, therian centric.
I check here every so often.

2017 - Therian/Otherkin Meeting Place
Facebook group I'm still a member of.

2017 - Otherkin Village
Facebook group I'm still a member of.

2017 - Cybertronian Connection
Discord server for Cybertronians
I am its founder and Admin.

2018 - Twitter
I keep active on Otherkin twitter.

2019 - Alt.Fan.Dragons
Google group, dragonkin origin in '94
Still active.

2019 - Cybertroniankind
Forum I created for Cybertroniankin
I am its founder and admin.

2020 - The Therian Guide
Great forum, active and engaging
I'm currently active here.

2021 - Otherkin Phenomena
I am an active moderator on this forum
Quiet place, thoughtful conversations

2021 - Werelist
Just recently joined.

I might be forgetting others, but that probably means they weren't very significant. I've tried many places looking for that right "at home" feeling. I tend to hop around a lot. I like a few of the places I'm still active on(why I'm still there) and really appreciate the places with a sense of community rather than hierarchy and elitism.

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