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Feeling different Empty Feeling different

Sun May 23, 2021 6:43 pm
•Sometimes individuals don’t wish to attach themselves to labels or terminology that fits the rest of the community, and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone is unique, and that means some aren’t going to feel that otherkin/alterhuman terminology correctly describes them. Is there any particular reason that you feel some alterhuman terminology doesn’t seem to resonate well with you? What other terms do you use instead, if you do use any other terms as a description?....
•I don’t identify as dragonkin or otherkin. I only describe myself as such to show that I am in the otherkin community, so I can speak with others and make my stances clear. I identify as draconic/draconian, as those labels seem to fit best. I am a draconian being. I don’t even have a kintype, as I don’t want to refer to myself as a kintype. Calling myself a “kintype” is like calling myself a different species or something. I am not a kintype, I am myself. I sometimes use the “shifts” to describe how draconic I feel in a certain moment, however something I like to use more is “state of draconicity”, as I’m always in a state of being draconic, it’s just elevated or fragmented some days.
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