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How do neurobehavioral disorders and mental illness affect the way you see yourself? Empty How do neurobehavioral disorders and mental illness affect the way you see yourself?

Thu Oct 07, 2021 2:17 pm
•This seems to be a common thing with many who are otherkin, though that is not necessarily a bad thing. So I do ask, how do neurological afflictions or disorders affect the way you see yourself, and how you go about introspection and retrieving memories? Is it exceptionally difficult to know yourself, or is it more of an inconvenience that some things are out of your reach for a while? What afflictions do you have?
•As many know I have schizoaffective disorder, dyslexia, cptsd, physical disabilities, and ocd, and needless to say it can become very difficult to know who I am when I’m swamped with delusions, hallucinations, voices, anxiety, paranoia, and other symptoms. It is nothing I cannot handle really, however it certainly gets frustrating at times. I have to be careful with how I question some things about my true draconic self, otherwise I could end up believing in a delusion for some time before I eventually realize that something isn’t quite right. Because of voices that impersonate my guardians, I have to be focused when I actually speak to my guardians, so those voices don’t end up becoming overwhelming. It really sucks and I’m trying to work on it. Though again, it’s nothing I can’t handle. Even though I have these mental afflictions, I’m still just as capable of knowing who I am, as others are. I just take a little more time than others, and I have more challenges to face than others. :>
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