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Hello! Hi there Empty Hello! Hi there

Wed Oct 27, 2021 11:25 pm
Hello and hi.
My name is Emily but I often go by Lee or Leander online—any of those is fine. I’m a 21 year old human, and am recently reconnecting with the alterhuman/otherkin community.
In a past life/past world, I was a somewhat deer-like entity, not mortal and somewhat outside the realm of human understanding. I was made human as punishment for something. The core self remains from the past life, although the host is currently human. As humans are (in my understanding) primarily creatures made up of their biological components and the effects of their environments, this host is a fully realized entity as a human, as I/she has grown up and lived as a human and as a distinct, whole entity. At the same time, the psychic energy that composes the core self remains nonhuman. It doesn’t fit perfectly into a human host, a bit like trying to catch a cloud in a basket—it’ll fill it, but not perfectly fill it, and there will be spills. This spillage often takes the form of “fictionflickers” or other entities who are created/temporarily come to rest within this psychic energy, but who, lacking a true connection to a host, are unstable and impermanent.
In essence: hi! I’m Emily! I’m also something else, and occasionally even more people too, while still being myself.

That’s my current understanding of things, at least. I can be a bit silly in the head so my understanding may well drastically change over time.

Anyway! I am glad to be here, and have found a great deal of joy and comfort in the otherkin community so far and look forward to participating in it more.

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Hello! Hi there Empty Re: Hello! Hi there

Thu Oct 28, 2021 1:43 pm
Hello hello! We’re happy to have you here! Do feel free to hang around and contribute to any of the threads! ^.=.^
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Hello! Hi there Empty Re: Hello! Hi there

Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:39 am
Just joined The Obsidian Spire, myself. A pleasure to meet you. What made you go by the username Fable, if I may ask? Does this also pertain to your Alterhuman experience?
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Hello! Hi there Empty Re: Hello! Hi there

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