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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Do you have a unique langauge?

Sun May 23, 2021 6:59 pm
•Being that some of the members here are from worlds unseen by those living on earth, I’m sure that they respectively have different ways of communicating and speaking. Do you have a unique language or way of communication upon your home world? Was the language written down at all? How exactly did you communicate with others?....
•The language I speak is Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa Drakk’aaniiuun, which has its own special characters and caters to the clicks and growls that dragons naturally make. The English/common translations of the Drakk’aaniiuun langauge are a lot of the times very rough translations, and don’t accurately portray how exactly the words are said. It’s one of the reasons I take a little bit of a different approach to speaking English. The language is obviously extremely complex (if not impossible) to speak through a human tongue, which is frustrating when I want to curse or speak in Drakk’aaniiuun. I’ll give some of the words and translations of Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa Drakk’aaniiuun down below to give an example of what I mean! ^.=.^
• Gii’viir mouu’rrnvaalll-Good morning sunny
• •Gii’viir eiii’veertiinouur-Good evening Like a Star @ heaven
• Seii’raaskaa veiikaa’ouuntuur-Thank you one ☘
• Laii’nviis naii’vorr-Speak your name 🐚
• Vaal’iis leii’veiikaa-Who are you? 🎋
• Veii’taask liiviir’veiikaa’triivaaskiinaak viir’taa?-Why have you traveled here? 💧
• Deiiuur’skuulvuur aa’nthaa iissuu’vuurl leii’aafeiiaanshaak, aath’viirr Irreii’a veii’aantiil Deiiuur’skuulvuur veiikaa’uur nuuraaltuur infiiziikuur veii’taalkaa ouur’vuult-Destroy an innocent life, and I will destroy yours many infinite times over 🍂
• A’llviisk O’ th’aaneii staa’vaak’s aath’viir gaii’aalaaksiivuur’s thaa’vaa’haask uulvaan’skuurr aath’viir fuoor’lvuutuur, nouu’vaak liaa’fiienaashk onn’kaa eiith’iiraask louu’kaaliinsvuur meii vaan’kiinaii-All of the stars and galaxies that have died and faded, now live on eternally within my being 🌗
•Those are just some of the many words I have written down, and I still need to write down so much more. I would love to hear your way of communication though! Language is always an interesting subject to my being.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Mon May 24, 2021 4:23 pm
Eeehh I kinda do. Dragons in TDP speak Ancient Draconic, which is based on Latin. It doesn't seem very original but I think the show has a symbolic reasoning for using Latin.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Sat May 29, 2021 11:37 pm
My species had our own language. It is possible to approximate many of the sounds of the language with the human vocal organs, but not all of them. A lot of the language was hisses and grunts, and guttural growls. There were also very very deep rumbling noises, which cannot be replicated by humans due to how deep they were. It was also partially a sign-language. Spoken words were augmented with body movements. It was much like a human tonal language, in which the tone can change the meaning or context of a word entirely depending on the tone used. Our body language gave the context of the spoken words, and added additional meaning that was lost with just speaking. Head, wings, tail, and all four legs were used in this body language.
We also had a written language. It was comprised of logograms intended to capture the full meaning of phrases and ideas, rather than single words.
I've been trying through meditation to recall what this language sounded like, and what the written logograms looked like. I have been able to write down a few of the words and their meanings, but all my drawings of the logograms are in .png format and I don't want to flood this page with pictures so I'll refrain from adding those:

h̃h̃sehh̃ - literal meaning: a greeting. Time of day could cause it to mean "good morning", "good afternoon", or "good evening/night".
Body language additions examples:
1) "h̃h̃sehh̃. *Relaxed movements directed to other individual*" = "Hello, welcome (possibly even "welcome, friend.")"
2) "h̃h̃sehh̃. *Maternal/paternal expression/body language directed towards other individual*" = "Hello/welcome daughter/son/other terms of familial endearment"

Gúp - literal meaning: a command to stop or desist. Spoken very sharply and gutterally.
Body language: varies depending on relationship of speaker and listener, circumstances of use, and necessary emphasis.

Hmngg'hnn'hk'haa'hchk - literal meaning: a group of dragons; a close group of dragons; a dragon family; family.
Body language: tucking head close to chest and tightly arching neck while producing the deep rumbles of the first syllable, then a quick, dramatic jerk of the head upwards during the hiss with mouth open wide. Wings may be opened to create emphasis when part of a sentence or conversation.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Fri Jun 18, 2021 9:22 am
I'm not that good with languages, and Vilaxian words don't come to me very often. They do occasionally, in flashbacks or moments of insight every now and then. Often they don't come to me until I need to. The proper spelling is hard to figure out at first but it eventually settles into something.

Jabis was my birth name, before I changed it to Amarynth. It's the name of a rare gemstone. A super rare gemstone. It was pinkish purple, like the Amaranth flower. My wife gave me a ring with a tiny bit of one in it, for our wedding.

Vila = Snow
Vilaxia = Snowlands (From Vila = snow and Xia or Kzya meaning lands)
Vilakyaanis = Snow Dragon
Kyaanis = Dragon
Kalym Bria Etris = Little Big Brother
An = Of
Ar = And
A at the end of words = plural sign
Raahrzhett = Firewind (pronounced Raar Zhett). The name of me and my brother's clan.
Khash = Storm
Zaysh (pronounced zai-eesh) = Sea
Riri = Good
Anizhidaa = Nighttime? Sleep? Rest?
Rez di yanarya kyaanis = You are a beautiful dragon

Days of the week (there were only five):

I've a suspicion that there were fifteen months in the year. Though I'm not sure whether the years were longer or the months were shorter.

The language itself sounded very Russian or Slavic in origin, so the accent would have been similar to that. There were a lot of hard, sharp sounds like Ks and Vs and Zs.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Fri Jun 18, 2021 2:30 pm
Yes, I had two languages, the language my species spoke on our home planet, which was just made up of tonal sounds and that I do not remember well, and the language spoken on the planet I moved to. I am still trying to remember it. I have a set of characters I use to write in it that are all letters from languages on earth, it's a "phonetic" language so this makes it easier for me to write it out and remember what makes each sound. The sounds for each letter are consistent with the language I took them from. It's mostly based in cyrillic with a few latin letters with accents and some symbols/marks. I'm still trying to compile a language doc for it, but it's difficult and I have been procrastinating.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Sun Jun 27, 2021 2:25 pm
This will be in regards to my Cybertronian kintype, or rather Transformers fictionkin.

Perhaps it isn't unique, but I do remember bits and pieces of Neocybex, the modern language of Cybertronians. I've been speaking it since as long as I can remember, long before I realized what it was. My parents used to call it my weird language, since I would randomly go into it and still do. The way I am able to iterate it though, is far below subpar with these vocal cords. To truly speak Neocybex, you would need a modular vocal processor rather than an organic diaphragm.

It is not completely unlike how the Transformers spoke their language in the Micheal Bay films to give an example. That gives the best idea at how near impossible it is to speak it with the variance in tones, pitches, and overall non-animal vocalizations. I guess that's expected when it comes from a bio-mechanical race, rather than organic.

I remember my true name in this language as well, since "Starscream" isn't what I was called on Cyberton. We obviously don't speak English like you may see in the media form. In fact, we don't speak English at all, but transmit a translated frequency into humans so they can understand us, the same with other lifeforms when speaking is needed. However, you can imagine as a decepticon, there's less talking and more action. We never were ones to reason, well at least after we tried for millennia under our oppressors. I digress, my name is one I wish I could speak or hear said. The closest I could ever attempt to get it across is "Aaa-^-AA-v-khh-^^-srrhnnn-v-uhn" The '^' are used indicating raised pitch, and 'v' indicating lower pitch. Theres a lot I can't get across with human speech still. My names does mean "The sound of a star screaming" which is how my English name came about as such.

-Azaphaer, aka Starscream the First

Do you have a unique langauge? Image07
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

Sun Oct 24, 2021 5:15 am
I don't believe I have a language of my own, at least, not that I know of. When I started gaining an internal voice in my early childhood, it really scared me.

My mom says I used to make noises she likened to a squirrel when I was really little, but unlike my siblings, she can't seem to remember what my first word was, which I always found kind of odd.

I think I would be fine with not using spoken language nearly as much if I could get away with other forms of communication.
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Do you have a unique langauge? Empty Re: Do you have a unique langauge?

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