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What path do you walk? Empty What path do you walk?

Sun May 23, 2021 7:14 pm
•One of the many beautiful things about spirituality is the fact that every single path is unique and different! Being spiritual means finding something that resonates with you and your view on the world. It allows you to see a world in a different light, and make you comfortable with the way you feel about things. So, how exactly would you describe your spiritual path? Is it one that is practiced on earth, or is it a path specific to you? Do any notable figures or spirit guides define your spiritual views? How do you feel about interact with those entities? How does your spiritual path make you feel about the world around you?....
•My spiritual path revolves around being in tune with the world and all the elements that make it what it is. Finding the beauty in the world is what drives my being to always keep living, and I strive to connect with the aspects of the world in order to be more in tune with them in a way. I wish to connect with nature, the stars, the storms, the rivers and oceans, the creatures in this world (most of the atleast, lol), and the sky above. I have an innate ability to connect with all elements on Aiisha’Piivaanakkshaa, so I do my best to try and connect with the world around my being. I suppose the entities that define my spiritual path would be the celestial draconian aspectual creators, the beings who created everything in the many universes that I travel to when I am awake upon home. They simply wish to live in this world however, not revolve around it, so my spiritual path isn’t really a religion. The only thing they wish for is respect, which I give daily.
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